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    Who should ichigo pair up with?

    Should he pair up with Orihime or Rukia?
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    Who do you think should pair up in Naruto?

    I hope that naruto and hinata couple and the shikamaru and ino couple end up together. What are your favortie naruto couples?
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    What TV shows do you watch?

    Wat TV shows do you ppls watch the most?(including on the internet)
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    Heres the BEST song ever lol here's a llama there's a llama and another little llama fuzzy llama funny llama llama llama duck llama llama cheesecake llama tablet brick potato llama llama llama mushroom llama llama llama duck i was once a treehouse i lived in a cake but i never saw the way the...
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    Llamas or Chipmunks

    Which are cooler llamas or chipmunks?
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    Shrek 3

    Ok some people have told me Shrek 3 was a good movie and others have told me it was bad. I want to know if it is good or not so i dont waist my time watching a stupid movie.
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    Whats your favorite band?

    Whats your favorite band? Mine is 30 seconds to mars.
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    Ok I finished watching Ouran High School HOst Club and well I want to know if there are any animes similar to this one.