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  • Lumayan baik lah, selain dari usus buntu.
    IPDN gagal (usus buntu mendadak sih), SNMPTN....pilihan kedua...haaaah
    Haha, forgot to click your name, so I enced up posting on my own profile page xD;<br />
    Ah, I see ^^ That's actually not too bad ^^ Then, you don't have to bother clicking the title in the corner to open the whole thread xD
    Instead of merely clicking on the post number and just copying the post url, there's this dialog box that pops up to ask if you're sure you want to copy url to your clipboard or something like that xD<br />
    Pretty much after that you just paste for clickage ^^<br />
    Do they not work for you?
    Yeah, pretty much xD I didn't think it would interfere o.o I mean, it normally wouldn't since there's a space.. Weird xD<br />
    <br />
    Single post? Oh yeah, they work fine for me o.o I haven't clicked a single post in a while, but works fine as far as I know o.o Although, compying a single post is a bit different then it is on vB ^^
    lol<br />
    So you both like and dislike it because you don't need to leave your house or something? xD
    Ah, thank you ^__^ I didn't really click the links and just copied what was provided by Nisa ^__^ Did it still copied extra? I thought I took that out :-?
    Well, there was a certain "bug" early and people were getting way more gil for making comments and repping. Also, there are things like random gil or steal gil in the shop.<br />
    I have no idea what the welfare does.<br />
    The bank and interest are just basic interest things. I have no idea how those works so I just gave random values there.<br />
    Avas will work soon, Cana is still working on profiles, he just finished a script to show View Conversation, so yeah.
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