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  • Yes there is a questionnaire on how was my performance and if there were any complaints ;)
    Oh really? :smart: Im usually the sadistic one you know :dramatic:
    Welcome back ^^ You could not accept it eh, well let see I'm a hoot? :p Also never had a complaint in the bedroom :*_*:

    No problem ^^ It happens to me also
    That's ok, I just thought you got offended or something. And nah late replys arent awkward.

    Good to hear. When will you be returning? Can I suggest myself? :dramatic: :flower:

    Yes I know I remember you mentioning it before :p
    Sounds great, where have you been? On holiday, I presume??
    Eh you're right, my bad. But why would anyone get suspicious of me...? >___>
    So you do remember :p And I'm sorry if I offended you with my pms ^^;
    I guess so but from what she said nobody was helpful towards her o.o who knows. You've been speaking Italian then? You will eh make him you sex slave? :D
    Yes AIC Unplugged is a really strong performance by them, in my opinion it was the greatest live show I've seen.
    But I thought we got to know each other kind of well in mf you even told me your name O.O You must have forgotten ^^; Ah ok. Im not sure how big it was but it was big, and haha but you were a kid so its understandable.
    I heard people are assholes over by someone who went there recently, but they havent tried to kidnap you have they? o.O
    Mine are Would? I Stay Away, Rooster, Shame In You.
    Have you seen them Unplugged?
    Thanks, and why would feel creepy commenting on it? I see you could have compared it to the statue : D
    I see, scary things? Do you still believe what your friends told you :p
    From AIC, I dont remember you saying AIC though I do remember the Who but not AIC.
    lol were you? I'm 6'1, I thought the picture I posted made me look taller then that o.o
    I see and yep if only we had the money right? And are you traveling alone?
    The fact file here *smug* but you hadnt mentioned it to me before I just remember you telling me it was The Who o.o
    There one of my favorites too. What's one of your favorite songs from them
    Nuuu ;-; im too tall for that O.O
    Hmm not 100% sure maybe Germany, Netherlands or England. How about you?
    And I didnt know Alice in Chains was one of your favorite bands? o.O
    Yeah i used it up i was out for nearly 2 weeks...I took that roady through canada.. How is yours going and how long do you have left to go?
    For both, it is a model and also a competition.
    If one made comments but does not vote, that would be disrespecting to both debaters.
    Because that would imply that one only drop by just to make a personal comment, but does not bother to evaluate the performance of both debaters.
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