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  • Basically the same things you just said O.O Haha I actually answer the same thing when they ask me that, word it differently though. It can be hard finding that type of person I dont think I ever been with anyone like that.
    Really, that's interesting I thought it was just about eroticism as many men were more open to that type of thing back then. Lol did they? Or maybe they performed it themselves? O.O
    Yes exactly that, and yes you can be. What would you see as great? Yeah must be there are always good guys everywhere :)
    Cultured? o.O Yep a lot of nudity in there, it was great seeing the sculptures one was historical with bases, artifacts and sculptures in all part of the worlds, we mainly stayed in that one building the other was European sculptures and painting I didnt get to see all of that one though. I might go again one day to see it all. I see people must have been very deprived back then lol
    Some hide in secret you must find it, its like a treasure :p we have chapters everywhere. And I'm sure all the men in your area arent that bad?

    Yes I do have to go out at least 3 times a week, need to start getting use to it :p And yes it was, it was the museum of fine arts went there with a friend helped him with a homework assignment. Aren't almost all paintings naughty :*_*:
    Haha your offending my league of american gentlemen here we meet everyday wednesday :hohoho:
    yeah im still working im thinking of getting an hourly job maybe :D and I dont know I just have been I was starting to go out more but meh I need to do that again, went to a museum of friday :)
    na, that's just my sister being mad if someone is mean to mean, kinda of overprotective if i call it
    Yeah, BBS is the first game i've beaten in a while. ATM, I have enslaved, dragon age 2, all 3 assassins creed, and FFXIII that I haven't beaten. And that's just PS3 games. but do beat BBS, it's a nice ending.
    I've actually taken a great interest in assless chaps. There's just something so novel about them.

    I'm actually a big fine of nice, juicy tacos. I like to have them with my grapefruit.
    I'm most comfortable in nothing at all~

    Oh, that's cute! I suppose it is a wife's duty to take her man's load. Though I can't imagine what all you'd be swallowing. You like mayo?
    That sounds like a plan. I can slip into my chemistry stockroom and get all sorts of nice things pretty easily. :3

    I dunno, pimp gave you his load without much convincing at all.
    It sounds very easy until you get to the ice skating competition part. How are you going to set that one up? I would've really preferred it to be your pants.
    Is a 'long con' a euphemism for your pants? I'm most definitely in if that's the case.

    What's that? xD
    I was just reading through our conversation, and I realized that I totally missed the drink my milkshake comment the first time I saw it. xD
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