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  • A slight misinterpretation, but sure.

    And I deleted a lot of people everywhere, so don't feel bad. xD
    I'll have to go through my bookmarks later. :/ They apparently handed over the management of their site, which is why.

    Yeah, that stuff. I don't like it. And it's pink. O_o

    It wasn't too bad. Didn't have a full alcohol after taste. I actually can't remember specifically what it tasted like. XD Sweet .. wine ..? =O

    I think there's heater. But the AC would be windows. XD
    Um .. chocolate .. snakes/gummy worms ... I pretty much had a whole bar of chocolate to myself in a week. XD I also buy a bag of snakes from work every Saturday .. And eat it in an hour or so at the end of the shift when sharing with my friend.

    :/ From Mexico?
    Tower? O.o And of course not. -___-

    Haven't been following her new songs lately. She releases so many from one album!
    Good weapons against attackers. XD

    You'd only fail if you used too much force and ripped it -__-

    Traffic doesn't move that fast in China during lots of cars. XD So not too high a chance of getting badly hit.

    Happy Birthday, old man. I hope you're still alive if you did indeed eat that black licorice thing. XD

    You have the same shoe size are your dad?
    You, all the chats probably happened at the beginning of summer... It's find of funny how we all used to chat the most when school as school was in session... xD

    *Le sigh* Nostalgia :sigh:
    Whahaha, I just noticed your age, Jerrbear :hohoho:

    Happy b-day you :*love: I'd put together group chat, but I have no idea where everyone is these days :\

    Depends what kind. I think I only don't like pickled ginger.

    Very true. :/

    Nope. Hardly drink. Last time I drank was ... on the Friday before my birthday, and I had some cocktail called a Japanese Slipper. LOL. Wine?

    ALL OF IT. XD Apart from the business/commerce building, everything else is old.
    I need to stop eating candy. Had too much sugar in the past week.

    Wouldn't be surprised though. Do you guys gets lots of immigrants?
    Uh, I think so? Aaaah, them. Lol. I still remember when my computer still had that for the monitor.

    Um ... can't remember. XD

    I'll just have to practice a poker face.
    Dangerous to themselves, or to other people ...?


    Hahaha. I've heard that too. Must be some kind of dark magic that fuels them ...

    What? XD How would that help ..

    Who's shoes are they? O.o? And lol. I guess as long as you don't put thick shoelifts inside.
    .. lol.


    /sigh. MF is such a big forum for such a tournament.

    Not really, I don't think. Not that I party anyway.

    Our's was ancient. Some rooms at Uni are ancient too. :/
    Interesting ... is it addictive?

    Is that what it's known as? XD Sounds like you're quoting a tourism line.
    No ..? The box thing where the motherboard is. What's CRT monitor? And I'll try not to ..

    /SIGH. He was like, the leader. XD
    Nuh-uh. Nuuuuuuuu~

    Probably more like %w
    Lol, 'spikes'. Them crazy people.

    Eh? Ah, no, it's that, they're kinda 3D, like cranes? I'll draw you a diagram with it to show you how to open them. XD

    I haven't rode a bike in ages too, come to think of it. Though .. I wonder if it's been 7 years since I last rode one. :/

    Bad bowel movements. -__- Unless you have a weak stomach, I don't think so.

    They fit? XD Yeah, there hardly is. Put insoles in them? I like them because it doesn't make my any taller.
    Flower? -__-"

    Whoop! %D
    The yellow pickle thing? And maybe you've gotten accustomed to Jap sushi.

    /wanders over to check
    Oh, so they're holding the tournament thingy.

    Oh .. yes, I remember now, though only from shows and movies. XD

    Nope. :/ We had fans and windows ...? Old-fashioned. XD
    LOL! I wasn't even thinking that ... Is it toffee-like?

    Yeah, pretty much. :/ I never realised we don't have many of those people here.
    Nope, not the monitor, the computer box thingy. XD And shh ... I'd play so many of those kinds of games if I could ... -_-

    Mmhm. :| And what .. you didn't know the game was a reversal? O__O
    They do exist. THEY DO.

    I'd just have to keep a straight face. %|
    I think around 3 or 3 1/2 inches is not too bad for normal wear, but whaaaaat 5 inches? O_o

    You'd have to open them though. I can't send them opened because they'll get squished.

    Because usually the stolen ones aren't even flash. And do you know how to ride a bike?

    It's on my phone. Too lazy to upload it right now. Later ..
    It won't kill you if it's past it's best before date. -__- There should be one on it.
    That's if there's enough young people to sustain it. :/ They were talking about it in my Economics class the other day.
    It's niiiiiiiice. I prefer it to like, the normal Jap sushi. Apart from sashimi. I like the Jap sashimi.
    Winning greatest lurker? How do you check that ...

    .. shh. D; Spring break?

    There was this one week 2 years ago, where the humidity was killer. We were at school, sitting in our classrooms, and literally you'd be sweating just sitting there. I did not enjoy that week. >_>
    They look like normal lollipops?

    Indian, Maori, lots of Pacific Islanders (Tongans, Samoans, Cook Islanders, etc.), Europeans, Asians, Middle Easterners, etc.
    I used to. The post-its are still on my computer. XD But now I just remember what I want to download. /sigh I wanna be able to play MMORPGs.

    -__- inactive player. Reminds me, I forgot to check how the Mafia AG ended. /goes to kill whoever killed me
    Trololol. Not as intensely interested as some people. =P

    Hahahahaha! Well, if I taught you something weird like that too, you wouldn't know either. :3
    I don't wear them to Uni. It's always sneakers. Or low-heeled boots.

    You want turtles?

    Bikes get stolen though. I still find it amusing when that happens.

    I took a picture of it! Though I only remember when I'd eaten half already.
    It doesn't go off though. :/ And whoa, that old already!?
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