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  • Ha, you're in LA? I'm From Oakland.
    lol that's not TOO far away from me. But yeah-I'm in L.A. I have to wake up in about under 7 hours to go to work at Universal Studios Hollywood. So we will have to catch up another time. But do take care.
    To all my fellow G2 members, a quote I just made a few moments ago: "A few minutes of reading is worth years of relief." Remember it well!
    From our short conversation in the separation thread, I've decided that I like you. xD
    My distaste for the new regime is a stronger feeling. Sorry about that one. xD;;
    nonono, you misunderstand. I have a fondness for the dark side, at least for the original trilogy where vader is creepy and menacing.
    but of course you should be...ehm...whatever you want? I vote for purple and sparkly.
    I feel like I keep just missing you in the cherry thread. but welcome to the dark side I guess :|
    yup but something must be different, the scene, the air, things like that. and okies. okies. have a nice day, Keith.
    ughhh XD wanna know the place. were they beautiful? I mean the those place must be different from your usual arcade and whatnot.
    you post some pics of your holiday, here?
    kay kay, still an additional luck wouldn't be bad :D
    Vegas. that was pretty much it. LOL
    but but I don't know Vegas beside from TV and books. >.< tell me tell me, well, except casino where did you spend it?
    it isn't impossible but as far as I know about gambling, ---> based on my bro's experiences, it is ALMOST impossible :sigh:
    so it;s like.....wooahh
    oh I see. may God help you for that :D
    anyway, except meeting your father and friends who live there, where had you been in your holiday?
    you won? *gasps* XD
    you saw your father? hm, you had planned to see him there or you met him there cause Goddess of fortune on your side?
    and yeah, it sounds you had great vocation.
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