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    Mike Tyson

    Yeah most likely the celeberty life is what got him in debt.and the stresses of life in general but i feel he is one of the greatest that ever done the being a boxer looked up to him for his ring presence he was like dr.jakle and mr.hyde in the ring he fought to win and out the ring u...
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    Favorite opening/ closing

    My favorite ones are fma 4th opening and bleach 1st opening.
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    Favorite Game Consoles

    b4 all the advanced games n64 was the best perfect dark mario cart 007 aww man those were the days
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    FMA: Available

    yeah i think fma is one of my favorites i even bought the watch....!
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    Online Videos

    well i just started trying to make amvs so heres my first amv <a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a...
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    do you have a x box live name or a ps2/3 name post it. mines grimmr187 for x box i have gears of war lost planet perfect dark and other games i need to get the ps2 disc for it
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    dot hack games

    i had infection it was a sweet game i like the leveling up tradeing grunties ec..
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    Favorite Game Consoles

    mines x-box 360 cuz mines just plyne awsome cuz i play it
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    What are you listening to now?

    hell rell-get em
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    i saw some clips on my x-box i saw the part w/the fimenist and the driving instructor
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    Whats your favorite band?

    fav rock band lincoln park fav rap group Dipset!!!!!
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    only reason its illegal because the government cant tax it because we can just grow it on our own
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    Elevator to space..

    i had to do a report on this when i was like in the 6th grade.
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    Myspace my page is sweet
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    Water On MARS!!

    if we ever start life on mars we all are gonna be dead and gone cause its gonna be a long time from now.also we have to find away to get all the way there.