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  • Are you asking me what i would do? or what i think that family should do? Cos have in mind i am a horrible person , when it comes to family. <.<

    Family is the only preciouse thing a human has at the end of the day, it is priceless. And there for i would hunt a person who hurts them ,down. Without regrets. <.<

    I am weird, like that. <.<
    To an outsider observer it would look demanding and without compromise. :P
    ;) To me it looks like something you would write. ;)

    And lol. Did you?

    I ll vote. :p
    Lolz Kaze. I bet half of the people will be scared. XD When they read what you wrote in meeting section. :P
    Noted. To evaluate the debaters' performance with something as binary as a vote seems...cursory, in a way.
    I thought the purpose was to model a civil and intelligent discussion? Or is it for one person to 'win'?
    But...I guess I will vote then.
    then I don't see why I should take your words seriously,,,the words of someone who talks without the knowledge to back it up
    Obviously kaze if this section project went ANYTHING like I planned I would be done by now without any need for your services .

    But all you can do is adapt to stuff around you and always have a back up plan...lifes not easy.
    I would wait longer then that....even when its created it wont be done.....I figure Ill add shape the debate center and add more content as I go along.
    Yeah, same here, but it should be the default default.. All I had to do was take out the color mark up thingy ^^ I can put black to be sure if you want :)

    Np :hug:
    Ok. I will try to draw people's attention to it. But I may not vote, I don't trust myself to be impartial, even though I tried to read the debate without preconceptions.
    Lol, back to black it is :P That's all you could have said o.o; Anyway, I'll change it if it hasn't been already ^^ I just got on and started checking things, so please ignore if they have been changed already ^^
    Ekks, sorry abotu the coloring thing O_O I have to go and I couldn't remeber what the default color was for TI on Konata >_<

    Maybe, ask Emmie O_O? I'm sory.. Gotta go now.. I may hop on via phone, but not sure about getting on acp though there xD; Night, Kaze :hug:
    The most sensible person I saw on the republican/Tea Party debates was Ron Paul. And yet The masses treat him as a lunatic. MY country depresses me to no end.
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