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    Naruto Chapter 329?

    has any one read the new chapter?
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    where can i download this?
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    Wolf Sig

    OMG ITS AMMMMYYYYYYYYYY love her :D just as i love your sig its brilliant welldone
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    Who should ichigo pair up with?

    ORIHIME AND ICHIGO!!!!!!!! u didnt see the near to close kissing scene T_T so loverly
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    a Naruto game

    site not working...
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    Sakura's Artwork

    very lovely =D me LIKES!!!!!!!!!!11
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    The strongest in naruto series?

    hmm id think out of pein or itachi...madara? lol either way all three are bad ass :D
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    sex....hmmm..... =D doesnt realy bother me whether i have it or not..for now xD =D i think socialising with my friends keep me occupied enough...hehe =P
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    hello t'is i IzhaN

    hii im izhan nice to meet you all ^^