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  • Just for you
    *Smile at the chance just to see you againI really miss you miss you say*

    [SPOILER]I'm totally ok with the code thingy you are talking about... and i think it's sad too but not all the people around here are using it so ... there is still hope =P
    In anycase, Glad to have crossed your road for a bit of time, Wish you the best and all the fun you are looking for. Peace mon Ami. *Bows*[/SPOILER]
    It's because only a small percentage of members actually post and most of them only post in the spam section. Plus the inactivity scares other members away. MF is more active than here because there are more people and it's been around for longer.
    Hey, don't read the Spoiler if you are not InfiniteMonkey
    [SPOILER]so i'm back and you are out ? :cold:
    Don't play tricks like this InfiniteNakedOne, i think i understand a part of the why, but i'm sure you 'll be really surprised when you'll know that lot of peoples like you, even if they hide it too well.[/SPOILER]
    NO, don't go. Stay. Don't leave this site. I don't hate you and I don't think everyone feels that way.
    Some peoples summoned me back... so... here i am again.
    The fault to my silly body ><
    Glad to see you too =P
    You definitely need a profile song :peace:
    Monkey, it sure has been a long time since our previouse conversation. How have you been? It's me, flyingchip and I hope that you are doing well.
    Luv Bug!!:*love:
    lol right after I sent you a message on here I got your message on Mangafox XD
    *kisses you while your naked then we skip on the beach singing* lalalalalalalalala ....lol
    Hey Handsome! :hug:
    How have you been???
    I miss you loads! this much *streaches hands as far as I can* XD Went to the beach and thought of you I miss your kisses T^T. Along with all your lewed remarks that make me laugh sometimes.
    Lol my french isn't that good but even though you show your perverted side the most. You can be Gent when you want to XP. lol!
    Your welcome.
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