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  • Why does g2 keep merging? o.O And yes it does make it sound easier I'm actually starting to like this place more then mf more simple and less rules :)
    I see but not a lot of people will see them maybe? o.O

    Haha I see happens a lot? :p
    You posted my thing where? :D And lol by mistake eh :p Where will the rules be?

    Yes patience is best needed for it lol at least your not doing the one in mf its even more over there right? lol
    How many pages does it have?
    Yes it is even my lurking skills has bound I wouldnt go through that many pages lol
    Wow really? 15? Guess none of them are shy thats good :)

    Yes sarcasm doesnt work with me I usually use it against people :D
    An index how are you planning on doing that? o.O
    Ah ok I see sounds complicated :p What award? xD

    I know you are but to me you will forever be known as frenchie :smart:
    The education system focuses way too much on learning a bunch of generic skills. It's crap, if you ask me.

    Imagine if school just helped you master what you were interested in and skilled at.
    But you'll just have to be one in spirit :*_*:

    Yes I hear it does and what exactly are you cleaning there?
    Lol busy from boredom?
    Im good I just ate chorizo with rice :p
    o.O um asuka is the girl in your avi -.- and im messing with you tho i do hate asuka with a passion
    I'm all for not talking about college. 'Tis a pain.

    You're good at all the things I'm bad at. My strengths have always been English, History, and the Arts.

    I bet if w both morphed into a single person, we'd make the perfect student. :*_*:
    Sounds like the best professor ever. :hohoho:

    How could he possibly keep your guy's attention? Sounds like that place would turn into a madhosue, not a center for higher learning.

    What are you studying? (If it's cool to ask, of course)
    Nice. Expect to see a few cool new fanclubs shortly.

    Lol, I'm totally foruming w/ my professor lecturing 3 feet in front of me. :P

    I am not the ideal student. ^_______^
    I notice there's a lot of fanclubs missing from the fanclub section.

    Could I fix that and found a club?
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