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    What Manga Are You Reading?

    Mostly Air Gear and Ao no Exorcist. I'm planning on picking up Future Diary and Black God again even though they stopped releasing Black God volumes ;.;
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    Livestreaming Anime

    @abarnes Mhm definitely!
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    Livestreaming Anime

    @abarnes Hmm.. This coming Friday? I can't D: I'm staying over a friends house since next weekend is the weekend of the Anime Festival here..
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    Livestreaming Anime

    I'm currently streaming Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica on my livestream page in case you missed me mention it in the Cherry thread~
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    Livestreaming Anime

    @abarnes haha yeah streaming anime is really fun since other people are watching with you also and you get to watch episodes you can't find streaming elsewhere.
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    Lol instigator
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    League of Legends

    I love people who have 400+ wins in bot games but less than 5 wins in normal games. LOL so fanneh
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    Livestreaming Anime

    @abarnes it can actually. I was able to fix a few things that were holding me back from streaming sooner but I can't guarantee it'll be perfect and smooth since VLC likes to bug out and lag slightly. And that's with my Chrome open with a bunch of tabs. I think once I have everything closed and...
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    Livestreaming Anime

    @abarnes Ohh lol I use Livestream and the Livestream procaster program. I'm trying to find a better site since the Livestream Procaster is the one that lags my computer to Narnia..
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    I confess.................

    I confess that I'm still confused at what has happened around the forum and why Emeralda moved o-o
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    So I just entered the Nether world and it was surprisingly and completely.. Empty.. Maybe it's cuz I'm in SP creative mode? Idk I was hoping for those giant white things floating around that shoot stuff at you but meh..
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    Livestreaming Anime

    @abarnes How to figure out the time differences? Yeap just check this site
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    Livestreaming Anime

    @abarnes haha yeah I was planning on having set dates and times along with a link for people to know their time differences from where I am
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    The Alphabet challenge