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  • The story is just free write nothing serious at all. This takes very little time maybe a few minutes and little revision if any at all. That is me just being lazy.

    If I wanted to go all out, then the story would take a lot longer to produce as the editing and maximum thinking of a good revolving plot would have to be put into play. Taking several view points from major and minor characters. Character bios would have to be created and each with a unique background story that lead them to the specific events about to unfold in the plot that would have twist at ever corner and mysteries to create a mystifying effect to drawn in a more logical view of the plot involving characters on a chase that leaves no rock unturned. Not to mention any romance that would have to develope between some characters to complicate the matters at hand while adding this comedy essence to the plot as well.

    Sorry for rambling.
    Hello Grammar Nazi,

    Glad to make your acquaintance. How do you do?


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