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  • Hey there you :hug:

    Your award problem.. This may be a dur question, but did you have any awards? You asked why you couldn't see yours (right), so I'm assuming you did.. Or, is it that you just can't see them under avatars?

    Can you see awards in other member's dropdown arrow in their profile page ^^?
    Yeah.. I thought they would at least still be in there >_<; Sorry, I didn't know she took them off there too O_O

    I'll ask around to see what happened for sure.. :huuh:

    Eh, you're not as bad as me when it comes to taking pics xD
    Your profile pic.. :squee:

    Not sure, but I remember Emmie saying something about it in the DT on Cafeteria.. Although, if you go to your profile page and go all the way to the end after Friends, you click on that drop down button and there should be awards in there ^^
    Hey you ^^

    About the award thing, Rina seems to have taken that department up, but feel free to give me a poke if it hasn't been done yet, kk ^__^?
    wow ...-.-...and i don't even like massive attack...never actually bothered to actually listen to them but xD....
    yay thaaanks 8D....
    i just like the whole tone of the song, esp the voice <3~
    dude you have to tell me the name of your profile song 8D...cuz every now and then i stop here to listen it, and i want it on my player :/
    *Hugs* Sorry about the post.. Your post didn't show up for me o.O I refreshed to see if you shinobi'd me and the only one before me wasn't you lol

    I'm using the default style skin becuase some of the other skins don't work or make me scroll to the side and it's annoying xD;
    For some reason, the song Pumped Up Kicks reminds me of Assassin Games xD It wold make a good theme song for them xD

    "All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, outrun my gun. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet."

    I know this will make it weirder, but it fets yoru avatar too :huuh:
    Oh, I wish I could, but it's the most inconvenient week for me to do so, since I have everything due in next week. I'm sorry, Geoff. I wouldn't want to be inactive in your AG, especially with the limit of 20 people in it.
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