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    History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

    In terms of anime: Main point ("boss") in Kenichi: Ryuto [finished; kenichi beat him] Unfinished side plots: although not exactly unfinished, would've been nice to see more of what happen(s/ed) with ma's brother & kensei... they do give hints & more info here at some places though not much to...
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    Media Update: Buso Renkin

    ah, been a while since I've watched that series. The ending confused me though, it seemed rather rushed.... seemed like, filler-ish material filler-ish material and then suddenly ending+series over =/ while you're at it, wanna fix my connection+pc too? :P my system board went bad I think :(
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    New Design!

    I like the new banners :) rest of the site (what's been updated and works so far anyway) looks good too.
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    Strange download problem

    In my case, it works just fine with my download manager (fdm - both download from start to finish and resume), but the network I'm on has stupid admins... I can download it just fine on another connection, but it fails to download the full file while on this one =/ (whatever settings the network...
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    I got a 404 when I tried to download hunter x hunter. Is it just that stuff hasn't been updated with the new server yet, or did I do something wrong or something?
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    History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

    so sad it's over :( They did wrap it up pretty well though... it's not leaving lots of open threads like hunter x hunter or inuyasha for example. Wish they did continue it...
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    History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

    Aaaah, episode 49 was sooooo hilarious.
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    Favorite Kaibutsu Oujo character

    well, I like most of the characters, but I'd have to say that the androids amuse me most. Probably mainly because no matter what their style is, they all say fuga and only fuga. That and somehow their masters still understand them. Most amusing would probably be Emil's android, as it is...
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    Windows Vista

    ummm I wouldn't give vista all praise... xp runs a lot faster, though vista has more fixes. so... lets all install windows 3.1! :tongue: I'll admit that ms is good at their user interfaces and business... which I suppose help each other out in keeping them on top. Compatibility too I...
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    Naruto Shippuuden or Bleach - Which is better?

    That filler where naruto ends up writing the script, the script gets mixed up in the mail, bla bla, and naruto uses rasengan to propel the boat forward (bla bla) attempt to get back the package (bla bla some more) was pretty amusing too :P
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    Kenichi's father's gun launch system

    I was wondering which episodes of Kenichi show his dad activating his mecha-style gun launch systems?
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    What do you want to see? on Hybrid X Forums?

    Well, I ran a few more tests and apparently they only block partial content to/from servers on port 80. Do you support another port for downloads? Given that they explicitly block it, I doubt that requesting them to do something about it would do any good :dry:
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    What do you want to see? on Hybrid X Forums?

    Well, I checked a few things on another connection, and it seems that the one I'm usually on has some very weird data transfer management. Apparently your site does support resume, so... whatever data transfer management is being used on my connection is messing with the headers :mad: so umm...
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    What do you want to see? on Hybrid X Forums?

    mmm offhand I remember trying bleach 139 and kenichi 46. Probably not much that can be done about it, but here's one of my logs: 11:57:16 AM 9/9/2007 Starting download... 11:57:16 AM 9/9/2007 GET /download.php?mirror=bleach2&file=Bleach%20-%20139.avi HTTP/1.1 Referer...
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    What do you want to see? on Hybrid X Forums?

    I have no problem downloading from other sites that have a xx second restriction between downloads or x downloads per ip (my configuration is 1 download/1 connection at a time, so it waits till the previous is done... plenty of time to avoid those problems) If you can't do it, that's fine I...