Well, I have quite a long history with G2, and I will try to recap it as much as possible, so here we go.

GBXEmu: The “demon” I call my piracy heart started here. 2 years of working hard, writing game reviews, getting roms, and making connections led me through the chain of command all the way to admin, for a VERY short time. None the less, I still post there to this day, and I ran into Abarnes on this site. Thus, the long friendship and teamwork started.

Unholy-Brotherhood: My very first site I worked on with Abarnes and his brother. Even though I did not have much to offer on the table, I have started my reviews on games, which I was well known for. So, I hopped on the team as a reviewer.

G2 Anime: Now, this was the longest running underground job I have ever had. I expanded my usefulness to not only a great game reviewer, but an excellent media hunter. I’ve hunted down countless anime episodes, movies, and other useful items that were requested of me. I have taken a few breaks here and there, trying to solve problems in my life. Of course, I’ve always managed to come back and help Abe as much as I could. It has led me through the many forms of G2 and I have been faithful ever since.
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