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  • haha i knew i got it wrong. no, i dont have a mangafox account. that banner is for you so treat it as yours :coool:
    What's your name there? I'm planning on hosting the game on MF too and I'll give credits to the banners (you and Biomega)

    What's your name there? Is it also Daemon?
    Asdfjkl, you call those not good :P/ I like them ^^ The one with the girl with the red around her (or something) is nice 8D It's simple , but pretty appeling 8D

    You should make a gallery in the GDX gallery section place.. xD
    Not yet actually xD; I'll just look for a new one or.. I dunno xD I may keep this set for a bit longer 8D

    Do you have any of your gfx work up anywhere ^^ I'd love to see ^^
    Hmm, I'll have to hunt one down.. I thought I had one, but... Not sure where it went xD;

    I'm really bad with saving renders and then not being able to find them when I need them , but I can find them easy when I'm trying to find something else lol
    XD Well i hope so too. And yea i guess it is really hard work to be so streched on both sides. But i am glad you are here with us. =)
    Hi there. I am sorry i did not say hello,earlier. But i was everywhere around forum. Anyway. It is really nice to meet you. =)
    Wow!! That's cool! Be sure not to turn into a robot lol. YAY! Although I wish that you could participate the SOTW too. It always lacks entrants.
    Btw, YOU'RE ASIAN?!
    Yes I am, but I suck xD When I don't suck.. Not too shabby xD; The set I have now, I made 8D I think it's one of my best.. Pretty plain, but I'm still noob xD

    I'm actually in need of a new set :smile: If you're interested, I can find you a render and you can make one for me ;please;
    No there's nothing to be embarrassed really. Awwwwww I see. Kind of sad now to hear that you're no longer in touch with gfx-ing. So you're a computer engineer or technician or something? And yep I am, although I just became the gfx mod a week ago xD
    Oh hey there ^^ Welcome back ^^

    *Glances at convo below* Ah, so you were the gfxer?
    Lol it's alright. Now you know already!

    And yes, I was mentioning about your signature tutorials. Hell they're all awesome! I really learned a lot from them. You're not into gfx-ing anymore?

    You're welcome xD

    Oh god, I never knew that we'd met in this forum. I've been wanting to see you for ages! You're like my gfx idol!! *shakes hand furiously*
    Are you the ultimate professional gfx-er Daemon whose tuts have been laying around on Google?

    And why are ye replying in your own VM wall? xD

    AE = animeEden. Sanae was asking if you were previously a member of aE or not.
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