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  • Hm, I see. That's something you'll need to deal with then. My arguments were intentionally one-sided because I was playing devil's advocate. Kaze Araki understands that, such was the reason I only addressed him.
    Of course seeing as how Kaze and I have run out of steam, I will answer any challenges you might have tomorrow provided that I find reason to. Again I'm not being an ass or anything but my aim going into these discussions is entirely scientific. I'm not interested in discussions so much as I am interested in learning from people who are proven experts in the topics, i.e. the likes of Kaze Araki and Shard. That's not to say I don't think you can contribute anything, but rather if I'm addressing one person alone or focusing on one person and ignoring others, I do not do this to be disrespectful.
    Such a potty mouth. You've been hanging out with the wrong crowd. I meant you no disrespect but given that I make no aim to cut my words I was honest. While I'm fully aware the HSL is an open forum, the only thoughts that I care to hear are those of Kaze Araki. This is especially true today. My aim was not to blow you off or cut you but to honestly tell you that I have no interest in anything you have to contribute to the discussion. This should not be taken as me being disrespectful but more along the lines of scientific. I meant no ill will.
    ;__; I am really sorry if anything I said really was offencive and such...
    O_O TROLOLO WAS YOU?!!! Omg.. I am so sorry ;__; I didnt mean to be mean at all, just I really thought you were noex and Me and noex are constantly mean/jokingly towards eachother.. Well not constantly... But.. Omgsh.. Im sorry ÓnÒ
    I've already had to kill 5 people for inactivity, you're not the one fucking anything up.
    I think I had it balanced too much in favor of the "Computer" faction anyway. At least, arguably...
    No I didn't. Just because I talk to you, doesn't mean I don't talk to anyone else. In fact I was just talking to Kero right now. And when CL/ Rainbow/ noex/ Geoff/ Moon/ MW/ anyone interesting comes on, I'll talk to them.
    Haven't visited the doctor in ages (except last summer when I went to get vaccinated).
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