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    Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee

    Chuck Norris is feared by gods, but Bruce Lee is feared by Chuck Norris.
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    Do Nice Guys/Girls Finish Last?

    Back on topic of course... yes... good guys do finish last... its written down in the book of life... XD
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    What kind of Legacy would you like to leave?

    I would like to also leave behind a doctrine... on how to properly run the world... once i figure out how to do that XD
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    Ever been to a con?

    XD LOL I recommend trying one out... they are super fun... but only if you really enjoy anime oh i see... one day i will have to visit Sweeden some how and see how cool it is there...
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    Ever been to a con?

    Sounds like you guys get some pretty populated cons then?
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    Ever been to a con?

    Well this looks like a promising and active thread... so i'll post XD yeah, my city has a con every year, as well the city 3 hours away has one... I go to both every year
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    Worst Anime ever?

    Was gonna say school days... but then i seen somebody mentioned Naruto... which reminded me of how much i hate it... so Naruto gets the vote for me
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    Otaku Chat!

    XD Saturday for me... New Shana and Working 2... as well Tuesday with Ika Musume 2... plus i may check out some other ones... might be a busy Anime season XD... im glad we havent had a dead one for a while... Also Hello Im Andyroo... can just call me Andy or Drew if you want... um... yeah Japan...
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    Well when all else fails... create a personal blog on profile page... cant find anything

    Well when all else fails... create a personal blog on profile page... cant find anything
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    The strongest manga main hero

    Yeah... Son Goku takes the cake... Haruhi would be a good choice, but she doesn't know that she is god. Alucard is beatable as he is a vampire... and they have crazy weaknesses that make them a bit easy to beat, although most of them dont work on Alucard... For shits and giggles here im gonna...
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    From Which Part Of The World Do You Come From?

    Im also in Canada... but i knew that already...
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    Will you change yourself for just ONE person?

    Never gonna change myself for anybody... I can adapt my lifestyle to fit theirs in, but never would I outright change my own
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    WOTF #9 Theme/Discussion Thread

    Something thats not Graphics XD HELLS YEAH! count me in this round...
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    Whats up everyone?

    So my first question for people... where do i go... this place's layout is confusing to me... where do i find the not spam section?
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    Whats up everyone?

    Nice to meet you person I've most definitely never met before ever XD