What cell phone do you have?

Discussion in 'Hardware-Gadgets' started by amanda, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Sasori

    Sasori RAWR!~

    wow,i got mine for free too :hahaha:
  2. frame

    frame ohayo


    chocolate. this pic has the old firmware tho. the music setup is just like that of an ipod. ive got a 6gb card for it so i gave my ipod nano to a friend. battery life is really good too. even when listening to alot of music.
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  3. haruka

    haruka Phoenix of the Red Moon

    well, my dad bought mine, i never asked for it... guess i could say it was for free, i didn't pay for it
  4. Serph

    Serph I am The Light

    this is the last phone i had >_> i lost it
  5. Reeana

    Reeana New Member

    Mine is Sony Ericsson W550i. Not really a nice phone,the camera isnt clear enough.
    Gonna buy Sony Ericsson W910 soon after i save enough money! Love that phone alot!
  6. Serph

    Serph I am The Light

    I just got this one >_> so gay it is

    This i got didnt work

    so when spring break ends am getting this phone free
  7. Sasori

    Sasori RAWR!~

    I like the first one! :eek:negai:
  8. Reeana

    Reeana New Member

    *Stare at haruka's n95:em0108:* Damn! That phone is cool but is expensive here..
  9. Cruss-kun

    Cruss-kun Pokemon Master

    I have this really old crappy motorola phone.

    I'm about to get a new phone from Hong Kong! xD They have better phones then the ones in U.S. and it's a new model too!!! I'm so happy.
  10. Craver199103

    Craver199103 New Member

    I've got the Upstage, a black one. It's pretty nice, but the battery power is a bitch.
  11. Eccentrrick

    Eccentrrick New Member

    i have SGH-D520. is that what its called? i forget sometimes. anyways its a samsung slide. It's black, and pretty much scratched up and old. :(

    but i guess its reliable
  12. Myrk

    Myrk Dying from moe overdose.

    I have no idea what mine is! Some Sony Ericson, it's a piece of crap >.>
  13. Uchiha Itachi

    Uchiha Itachi Umbrella Owner

    Nokia , Sony Ericsson something lol
  14. Cruss-kun

    Cruss-kun Pokemon Master

    I phone I got isn't as good as I though I'd be... Whatever better then my old one.

  15. i had palm treo 650... with was stolen last feb. now i only have a nokia. :noooo:
  16. haruka

    haruka Phoenix of the Red Moon

    what do you mean by only?
    i mean, i'm pretty satisfied with nokia, from all i tried, phones that is, i liked this one best ^^
    i think they're good ^^
  17. ingeniousthinker

    ingeniousthinker ıɹnʎǝʌolı

    i agree with haruka... i'm using nokia and i'm satisfied with it...though i like to buy the samsung z240 coz' i saw i think it was echizen's phone...lol xD

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