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Welcome to Sasori's Puppets Fanclub!This FC is a convo thread for my puppets.We talk about our plans to conquer the world here :kukukuh: Well,just kidding.We talk about everything here except for reptalk because rep doesn't mean anything to us :hahaha:

A little bit about my puppets and I
Sasori specializes in creating puppets out of the dead bodies of humans, which is done by removing its entrails and preserving it to prevent decomposition.Sasori is commonly seen with Hiruko (ヒルコ), a large puppet he wears like a suit so often that many characters can only recognize him while he is wearing it.For battle purposes he favors the puppet of the Third Kazekage, the leader of Sunagakure whom he killed prior to his defection.Because the Third was once a living person, the Third's unique abilities remain intact and Sasori can utilize them at his leisure. His most versatile human puppet, however, is himself, as he has long since converted his body into one. In addition to giving him an unnaturally young appearance, Sasori's puppet body allows him to control hundreds of puppets at once. Since he needs part of his original body to control puppets Sasori has preserved his heart in a cylinder-shaped device that he wears upon his chest. Sasori is able to survive any kind of attack so long as his heart remains undamaged, and he can even use it to switch to new bodies by simply placing the cylinder onto a new puppet. Every weapon that his puppets wield is also laced with a poison of Sasori's own design; the poison instantly numbs the body and kills the target after three days.Despite his large arsenal of weapons, Sasori is defeated and killed after a prolonged battle with his grandmother and Sakura Haruno.

The last part is really sad :(

Be nice to other puppets
No reptalk(unless I say so :kukukuh:)
No triple posts (It is really annoying)

Puppet Master


Special puppets
  • Kazekage - [Katsu]
  • Hiruko - [ingeniousthinker]


  • Uchiha Itachi


  • Puppet #08 - [Megumi]
  • Puppet #03 (Suiseiseki) - [Lancelot]
  • Puppet #07 - [Serph]
  • Puppet #XX - [Yomi]
  • Puppet #XX - [Cruss]
  • Puppet #10 - [Darkness]
  • Puppet #21 - [Satoshi Namikaze]

Sandaime Kazekage



Regular puppets

100th post-Serph
200th - Uchiha Itachi
300th - Ingeniousthinker
400th - Katsu
500th - Serph
600th - Ingeniousthinker

Sasori ~ Aka Sasori sama. Uses funny emotes like ::hahaha: Owns the bestest FC evar. =DD
Epic Post by Megumi.

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Uchiha Itachi
Name:Uchiha Itachi
Age: 15-16
Notes:WTF?!...Genjutsu!!! ;@



Name: ingeniousthinker
Age: 22
Sex: female
Notes: I'm master's favorite puppet...muahahaha..:hahaha: but i'm the lazy one ask itachi >_>
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okay,I'm currently doing Ray's sig.I'll do yours after i finished his sig.Give me a stock :hahaha:

so,you want to be my puppet? :kukukuh:
lol,the real reason for this FC is for us to make more friends.This FC is basically a convo thread.and I'll make you a badge :hahaha:

ah,almost forgot about the cookie,*hands over IT a cookie*