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  1. Kyo

    Kyo New Member

    Got this from another forum. Scary :shocked: even to me who lives in New York and though (until this) That we were crowded on public transportation

    Doesn't change the fact that I still wanna live their though
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  2. seirei

    seirei kumo no you ni

    rofl, I've seen a pic of that in my geography book, but never seen a video O_O
    That may seem inhuman, but I guess they don't have a choice...

    Those 'pushers' must have a hard work to do :eek:
  3. haruka

    haruka Phoenix of the Red Moon

    yup i agree on that seirei ^^
    anyway, it's really sad you know, but oh well, it's not their fault ^^
  4. omg so full o.o
    well that happens sometimes when we all try to get on the city bus after school, but there's no pushers xD
  5. ingeniousthinker

    ingeniousthinker ıɹnʎǝʌolı

    OMG! that's too much.... i know sometimes trains are really crowded especially during peak hours but just to make yourself fit in the train and even the officers will push you just so you can ride the train i think i'm gonna take the next train then... i don't wanna be push like that...

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