How was your day?

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by Ray, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Myrk

    Myrk Dying from moe overdose.

    I've never had a worse day ever...
  2. haruka

    haruka Phoenix of the Red Moon

    i had a nice day ^^ i had a test and after that went out, and now i'm home preparing to watch a movie ^^

    i'm sorry Myrkur you had a bad day, hope you'll feel better soon ^^
  3. Vladimir

    Vladimir New Member

    =0 great day no mishaps or pressure in school and work the weather's moderate
  4. Jechtsphere

    Jechtsphere Orange-Kun

    During work I went into this nice office and I swear it was milf heaven!

  5. Uchiha Itachi

    Uchiha Itachi Umbrella Owner

    mine was ok... nothing interesting either.
  6. haruka

    haruka Phoenix of the Red Moon

    well, an usual day, a biology test which was waaaaay to easy, after that, went for a beer with my gf (one of my best friends, classmate too ^^)
  7. tyron256

    tyron256 turnabout moderation

    oh man... big presentation today. i hate presentations.

    had a nice banquet tonight tho
  8. haruka

    haruka Phoenix of the Red Moon

    i'm sick of school already :(
    i need a break
    well i had tests these days, but today it was pretty usual
  9. ingeniousthinker

    ingeniousthinker ıɹnʎǝʌolı

    the usual..boring and yet nice day coz' i almost finish the manga i was reading...^^

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