Discussion in 'Technology' started by Swiss, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Swiss

    Swiss function Swiss()

    I bought a usb cable for my modem, I use a cable modem, but I need the drivers for the usb cable. The name of my modem is Webstar DPC2100 series cable modem (old I know) , please if anyone can help me find drivers, please post the website so I can download the drivers. whether torrents or direct download. Thanks for your help
  2. Nori

    Nori New Member

    Go on Google and search for drivers.
  3. Swiss

    Swiss function Swiss()

    I've been trying google all day, my head hurts now. Screw google. I need a link to download it so I still need more help. Do not reccommend google.

    EDIT: Thank you all for nothing, I found the drivers by myself.
  4. Entombment

    Entombment New Member

    Its not like its our fault. We don't make the product, I told you to just keep calling the company, demanding what you need. If they refused, then take it back
  5. WandererLynx XX

    WandererLynx XX Dark Leviathan Sannin

    usually that modem should come with a driver's disk (mine did)
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