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Discussion in 'World Wide Web' started by Manorexia, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Manorexia

    Manorexia New Member

    G2 Anime

    G2 is a fourm and download site I like to use and is where I found out about this site but Its a good site though we do have some activity problems at times but what we need are active member who will post (I tink Nori is already a member but has never posted) THey dont have as much as a lot of places to download but they have diffrent stuff than here and I think about as much.

    Edit and as it turns out Anime gelade is a affilate of G2
  2. Nori

    Nori New Member

    Yea I know Abarnes pretty well. This site and G2 are hosted on the same account lol.

    Eh, I don't post, because I'm busy lol.
  3. Manorexia

    Manorexia New Member

    he doesnt post too much himself always says his computer is crashing or isn't working.
  4. abarnes

    abarnes Member Staff Member

    Wow...thats funny, what are you taking a poll as to who post on the forums? I have to run the site myself and I have been offline because my play brother got shot...

    I run the site I don't need to post, and I don't beleave I've seen you on the forums....
  5. Manorexia

    Manorexia New Member

    Thats cause I use a diffrent name on this site on G2 I Lord of Shiv if that helps you remember.
  6. abarnes

    abarnes Member Staff Member

    ahh, ok yeah I know who you are. I'm not active on the forums, because I'm busy trying to figure out how to get more members.
  7. Manorexia

    Manorexia New Member

    just doing my part to help that problem we have
  8. Scribe

    Scribe Insomniac`^

    The "other guy" here :p Well, one part in our quest is solved. We have our own server for media, all and any anime/manga you want, feel free to request in the www.G2Anime.Net forums! But as far as downtime etc., we won't be down unless there is a problem out of our reach
  9. Manorexia

    Manorexia New Member

    like the DOS or what was it which just happenend to this site and G2 but nice to see your here too also since when do we have manga D/L
  10. WandererLynx XX

    WandererLynx XX Dark Leviathan Sannin

    G2 is a cool site

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