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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Nori, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Entombment

    Entombment New Member

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    It was pretty good for its time. Though nobody noticed, it was really choppy and slow
  2. Swiss

    Swiss function Swiss()

    I didn't notice anything like that, and it did introduce soul calibur to us so it deserves to be appreciated.
  3. Entombment

    Entombment New Member

    Well, that's because of it's times. If you were to go play it right now, you'd notice compared to the newer consoles
  4. shon

    shon New Member

    my ps2 has served me well for years now
  5. drakowolf

    drakowolf New Member

    Favorite gaming console would of had to be Nintendo Entertainmenet system and Sega Genesis. Yeah these are old but they are the classics where most of the gaming started off to be more interesting. I've since been away from the gaming consoles and been all out on the PC.
  6. mygear4me

    mygear4me New Member

    I got a PS3 and XBOX 360 both are good. I'm have more problems on the XBOX side. I have to say some games I buy for the XBOX some i buy for the PS3. So far i'm a little more for the PS3 but the games are slow comeing out.
  7. yasulong

    yasulong New Member

    For me PS2 is already the best console , there no way i buy a PS3 ,Xbox360 can be consider ,though
  8. ayoi

    ayoi New Member

    my fav..is definately PS2..
    because there are a lot of good and addictable game made for this console.
  9. zero016

    zero016 New Member

    Wii FTW!
  10. vandon

    vandon New Member

    I'm satisfied with my playstation series so far.. Enough to keep me away from the other consoles..
  11. shade_slayer

    shade_slayer New Member

    I own a DS am am loving it.
  12. avitar4576

    avitar4576 New Member

    Xbox 360 and Wii all the way no ps3 here
  13. PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii.
  14. sdf

    sdf New Member

    360 sucks PS3 is a lot better not near as many problems with it
  15. WandererLynx XX

    WandererLynx XX Dark Leviathan Sannin

    PS2 Forever!!!!!!
  16. Codex

    Codex New Member

    PS3 no doubt !! :p

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