Fanclub Rules

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1. You may own up to 5 fanclubs, in all of the areas. This is so that other members can own fanclubs too!

2. You may not co own more than up to 4 fanclubs. Give others a chance!

3. To own a fanclub, you must have at least 25 posts, and to co own a fanclub, at least 10posts. This is to prevent Fanclub flooding, and members who join, make an FC, and then never come back to update the FC or something.

4. If a Fanclub owner is inactive for 1 month at the least, the Fanclub is elligible to be reopened.

5. Following Rule #4, the candidates to reopen the Fanclub is the co owner(s). If the co
owner(s) does not want to reopen the FC, a member is allowed to reopen it. But Rules #1 and #3 still apply.

6. You may open any type of Fanclub, but it must not have explicit content, Hentai, 18+ content, a political party, or a religion.

7. Pairing Fanclubs are fine, as long as they are for the pairing, not the sex. Which means crack pairings are a no.

8. To make your FC official, it must be on the area's Fanclub directory list. So post your Fanclub with the link to it in the area's Fanclub directory.

9. Fanclub banners are allowed, but nothing above 50 pixels in height. 200x50 or 150x50 are preferred, but not mandatory.

10. Please try not to welcome or unofficial welcome a member if you are not the owner or co owner of a Fanclub. This is to keep spam to a minimum, and to prevent unofficial welcome flooding, so the owner can update the member's list or whatever, without going through unofficial welcome posts.

11. These rules are to be updated, so check frequently.
Not open for further replies.