Creation Staff App...I've finally decided...

Discussion in 'Applying for G2 Anime ?' started by emROARS, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. emROARS

    emROARS 囀る

    Finally, after all the deciding, I wanna become a Creation staff member.


    Name: Amelia/Emily (Whichever)
    Age: 15, 16 in a few.
    Position: GfX Team
    Activity: 100%
    Exp: Mod for three sites, Admin for two. I put graphics on two of them.




    Human graphics


    Editted for your own amusement. *rolls eyes*
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2008
  2. Glitch

    Glitch New Member

    If I were me, which I am. I would say you just shot yourself in the foot for this job. By job I mean free volunteering on a site ^_^.

    You should edit this to say:

    "It doesnt matter, I just really want to give back to G2 <3 ~_^
  3. Dante

    Dante Devil Hunter of Hell

    Yes well, I will overlook that comment and pretend it was never there...

  4. emROARS

    emROARS 囀る

    It's not that I absolutly want the job, since I don't mind if I don't get it.


    And besides, i've already been given requests. ~.^
  5. Rei Ayanami

    Rei Ayanami Pilot Evangelion Unit-00

    Agreed. That sentence alone just discredited everything you said and did.

    Good luck anyways.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2008
  6. Rebirth CO²

    Rebirth CO² Guardian Angel

    I usually say that and I still get a job on forums =D

    Good luck Katsu, love your work ^^
  7. haruka

    haruka Phoenix of the Red Moon

    well, good luck Katsu ^^
  8. Rei Ayanami

    Rei Ayanami Pilot Evangelion Unit-00

    Still not a good idea. Might give the wrong impression.
  9. Uchiha Itachi

    Uchiha Itachi Umbrella Owner

    good luck.

    >_> if you get to be staff you will be able to look over our Mod/admin Logs/section.... >_>
  10. Ray

    Ray 无限之剑制

    oh really?

    and good luck sorry not gonna be a decsion maker in this.
  11. ingeniousthinker

    ingeniousthinker ıɹnʎǝʌolı

    good luck Katsu... love your work ^^
  12. Dante

    Dante Devil Hunter of Hell

    Ok, we decided.

    Welcome to the team Katsu. Hope you will make some awesome stuff. ^.^
  13. ingeniousthinker

    ingeniousthinker ıɹnʎǝʌolı

    cool congrats Katsu! you really deserve it!^^
  14. emROARS

    emROARS 囀る


    Thank you ^^
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